Board of Education
Dr. Debbie Royce, President Term: 4/2017-4/2020
Mr. Nathan Dawson, Vice President Term: 4/2018-4/2021
Mr. Dustin Sommer, Treasurer Term: 4/2018-4/2021
Mr. Stan Garber, Board Member Term: 4/2019-4/2022
Mr. Kaare Gjeruldsen, Board Member Term: 4/2017-4/2020
Mr. Trey Payne, Board Member Term: 4/2017-4/2020
Mr. J.T. Roberson, Board Member Term: 4/2019-4/2022
Searchable Expenditure and Revenue Document
Sarcoxie R-II School District
101 S. 17th St. | Sarcoxie, MO 64862 | P: 417.548.3134 | F: 417.548.6165