Superintendent's Message

Welcome to the Sarcoxie R-II School District.

Schools exist for 3 reasons:

  1. Citizenship—originally, schools were designed to prepare children to become engaged constituents of the democratic process.
  2. Career—through the Industrial Revolution, it became clear that children could no longer learn everything modern society required on the farm or in an apprenticeship.
  3. Character—as the country diversified, became more urbanized, and poverty began to take hold in a society where the family structure was weakening, schools became a place where children were taught to not only be “smart”…but “good.”

Teaching occurs within the context of citizenship, career, and character development; yet, many factors determine what this “local context” looks like. The school should make sure children are safe, healthy, challenged, engaged, and supported. Learning tools, the classroom environment, curriculum, and the child’s home life impact the climate of the school. Family, culture, friends, and society influence learning. And the child as a learner has unique biological factors, working memory, declarative memory, executive function, and emotional responses. Take twenty or so young people with differing ability levels and values trying to learn the same material at the same time and school becomes a very interesting place!

Sarcoxie has just over 70% of its students receiving Free and Reduced Lunch. We have a growing minority population of about 15% of our student body. Almost 20% of our students receive special learning services. We understand that what we do is incredibly important for our young people. Preparing them to be good, upstanding citizens able to provide for themselves and a family is our purpose for being.

With all of that in mind, the school board and community have seen the school build new facilities to support student development and safety including a vocational building, FEMA Tornado Saferooms, a kitchen, ball fields, a football stadium, and an Olympic track. Technology has been improved to include multiple labs, mobile carts, and tablets. And this year, the district will be operating its own Alterative School to try to catch struggling students before they become dropouts.

There’s a lot of good stuff going on in the school and the broader community. I hope you’ll consider Sarcoxie if you don’t already go to school here.

Dr. Kevin T. Goddard,


Sarcoxie R-II School District
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